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    To our Bear KompleX Community, 

    Help us give back to the gyms! Now through May 3rd, we will be working with gyms to implement a custom promo code that can be used on our site. The code will get their members FREE shipping on their order + we will be donating 50% of profits from those orders back to that gym as well.

    You heard that right, we said 50% of our profits through May 3rd + FREE shipping on all orders!

    We are so excited to partner with O2 Recovery, a leading hydration brand, in their effort to support gym owners through this time of need with their Community Coalition. Check out our landing page to get the custom shipping code for your gym. If you don't see your gym already signed up, you can get them added quickly and easily. 

    We are thankful for your support and are grateful that we can help gyms in our community during this time. 

    How it Works:

    1. Find your gym's code (or request one) at the Community Coalition website.
    2. Use your code at for free shipping + 50% of profits from your purchase donated to your gym.
    3. Use your code at for 50% off cases + 50% of profits donated to your gym.